Self Registration


We are very pleased that you have chosen to stay at Dartmouth for the upcoming Commencement and Reunion time!

Throughout the following pages you will apply for housing for yourself and the other members of your party. Prior to filling out and submitting your application, please make sure that you read the “Information about Commencement and Reunion Housing for 2019” and the information that relates to your group at



  • You must fill out your application in full at this time.  You cannot partially fill out the application and come back at a later time.
    If you start the application and cannot complete it at this time, please call the Commencement & Reunion Housing Office at (603) 646-3288 and ask them know to cancel this application.  You will need to start a new one when you start again.
  • If you have already submitted an application, either partially or in full, and need to make any additions, changes, or deletions, please do NOT start a new application. Each additional application creates duplicate reservations for you. Call the Commencement & Reunion Housing Office at (603) 646-3288 and we will be able to help you.



  • Commencement guests please enter COMM in the following registration code field.
  • Reunion guests before you begin the housing registration process you need to provide the reunion registration code that was provided to you in your confirmation email. If you have questions, or cannot locate this code, please contact Advancement Events at 603-646-2259. Guests MUST register for their reunion prior to registering for housing.


See above REGISTRATION CODE INFORMATION if you have questions on the registration code.

Now you, as the applicant, need to register. You need to be a member of the party staying on campus. You will also be the person to whom we will send any housing-related information. Family members or other guests who will be attending with you need to be registered as guests. You will list them as party members later in the application.

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